Friday, July 8, 2011

Huckleberry Hornpipe

This one was requested by a reader to prep for a guitar contest that's probably already come & gone--I'm sorry about that.  It seems like I'm having a difficult time getting anything musical done this summer.

Still, there will be other contests, right?  I know this is a popular one for flatpickers to play at contests, and one that I haven't really learned yet.  It's a 3 part tune, which is cool.  I don't know many of those.  I've started learning it, but have a way to go yet.

Huckleberry Hornpipe 150 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 160 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 170 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 180 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 185 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 190 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 195 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 200 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 205 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 210 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 215 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 220 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 225 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 230 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 235 bpm
Huckleberry Hornpipe 240 bpm
And a zip file of all tempos (53.1 MB)

I'm playing this in the key of A.  Here are the chords:

A part:
A  A  D  D  E  E  E7  A (x2)
B part:
D  A  E7  A  D  A  E7  A (x2)
C part:
A  A  D  D  E  E  E7  A (x2)

If you play it with a capo on the 2nd fret (like I did) it looks like...
A part:
G  G  C  C  D  D  D7  G (x2)
B part:
C  G  D7  G  C  G  D7  G (x2)
C part:
G  G  C  C  D  D  D7  G (x2)

Here are some Youtubes of it:

Dan the Man flatpicking it

Courtney Johnson on the 5 strang

Country Gazette (Clarence content)


  1. I recently discovered your site. I have been teaching myself bluegrass fiddle tunes for about 6 months now. I have worked on over half of the tunes you have recorded guitar parts for here. I can't tell you how much fun I am having playing along with your tracks! It is actually better than my local jam. You never seem to get a chord wrong. This is high quality stuff. Keep it up! Would love to see you add Jerusalem Ridge and Sally Goodin to the play list.

  2. Thanks. Jerusalem Ridge and Sally Goodin--added to the list. I've been meaning to learn Jerusalem Ridge for years now.

  3. Hi Dave,

    One more fiddle tune I'd love for you to put in your queue...Black Mountain Rag. To me, the top 4 fun fiddle tunes to play are Jerusalem Ridge, Gold Rush, Sally Goodin, and Black Mountain rag. (OK, I admit, I like to play Orange Blossom Special too...). Keep up the great work. We all have a part to play in keeping this music alive.

  4. Black Mountain Rag, got it! There's a few ahead of it on the list: Temperance Reel (in progress), Rebecca, Old Joe Clark, Wildwood Flower, 8th of January, 9 Pound Hammer, Old Dangerfield, Clinch Mountain Backstep, then Black Mountain Rag.

    (Then Tennessee Waltz, Devil's Dream, Jerusalem Ridge, and Sally Goodin.)

    Hopefully the turnaround time will get shorter after I get done with this crazy part of the year at work.

  5. Thanks for Huckleberry Hornpipe. I've been trying to unravel that one at our local jams: you chords make it seem simple.

    More. More.

  6. Dave, Your site is simply amazing. So appreciate all that you've posted here. Do you accept donations to your site?

    1. Thanks, Eric. I don't generally accept donations. It doesn't cost anything to run the site as it is right now.