Wednesday, September 25, 2013

June Apple

This is a cool old-time fiddle tune that doesn't get played much in my neck of the woods. I started playing it recently with an old-time banjo picking buddy.

June Apple 150 bpm
June Apple 160 bpm
June Apple 170 bpm
June Apple 180 bpm
June Apple 185 bpm
June Apple 190 bpm
June Apple 195 bpm
June Apple 200 bpm
June Apple 205 bpm
June Apple 210 bpm
June Apple 215 bpm
June Apple 220 bpm
June Apple 225 bpm
June Apple 230 bpm
June Apple 235 bpm
June Apple 240 bpm
And a zip file of all tempos (47.9 MB)

The chords go like so:
A part:
| A  | A  | G  | G  | A  | A  | G  | A  | (repeat)
B part:
| A  | A  | G  | D  | A  | A  | G  | A  | (repeat)

Or, with a capo on the 2nd fret:
A part:
| G  | G  | F  | F  | G  | G  | F  | G  | (repeat)
B part:
| G  | G  | F  | C  | G  | G  | F  | G  | (repeat)

Example recording (me and banjo Jack picking June Apple)

And here are some Youtubes:


  1. Neat song...I haven't heard this before...Going to print this one off to learn...I appreciate all the work you're doing, these tracks help me practice my mandolin and build speed :) I'm playing a cross-picking tune called Home Sweet Home but it's in D. I don't know how long it takes you to put these up but in case you find yourself with nothing to do on a rainy day? Take care and thanks again for all the work you do. It's appreciated.

  2. Hi, I'm form Cali, Colombia, I'm learning mandolin and you dont know how useful are the backing tracks you posted.

    I only have to say thank you, and greeting from this part of the world.

  3. Dave, I use your backing tracks all the time. They help me to stay current with bluegrass tunes, improvise, and try out new ideas. I'm a 16 year Kaufman Kamp "Lifer" and have have all kinds of jam tracks, but yours are the best. Someday I hope to thank you in person. Lance Anderson

  4. One of my favorite tunes, and now I have a great backing track to play it to. Your stuff is the best -- thanks so much for the work you put into it!

  5. Sir, this is great site; thanks for your generosity and your fine ought to be proud. Thanks, John

  6. Your tracks are so well done and you also lengthen them out which means you can really zero in on poracticing one tune....ythank you for your service you are to be commended with sharing your tracks

  7. Phenomenal. Learned this tune because it's on your site. My 10-year-old learned it too and is flying. Thanks to you!

  8. Hey love your tracks. The 180 and 170 bpm June Apple tracks have an extra B part around the third time through. FYI