Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wildwood Flower

I understand that this is the very first flatpicking tune than many learn.  It's a beautiful tune, and I love playing it.  It was popularized (at least in the modern recorded era) by the Carter family, and covered by just scads of bluegrass folks.  One of my favorite versions to listen to is on the Tony Rice & David Grisman album "Tone Poems".

Wildwood Flower 150 bpm
Wildwood Flower 160 bpm
Wildwood Flower 170 bpm
Wildwood Flower 180 bpm
Wildwood Flower 185 bpm
Wildwood Flower 190 bpm
Wildwood Flower 195 bpm
Wildwood Flower 200 bpm
Wildwood Flower 205 bpm
Wildwood Flower 210 bpm
Wildwood Flower 215 bpm
Wildwood Flower 220 bpm
Wildwood Flower 225 bpm
Wildwood Flower 230 bpm
And a zip file of all tempos (25.7 MB)

The chords are a bit harder than most fiddle tunes, because of some "bluegrass measures" in the song.  They show up as an extra measure at the end of each line.  It helps to listen to this song a while so you can feel the chord changes.

| C | C | G | C | C |   (notice, 5 measures)
| C | C | G | C | C |
| C | C | F | C |         (no 5th measure this time!)
| C | C | G |C | C |

For guitar--Mike Stangeland & Kim Davis, Brad Davis
For mandolin


My take on guitar & mando

The Carter Family


  1. I feel like I have discovered a treasure. Thank you very much.
    Erin Morton Dunedin New Zealand

  2. This is fantastic! Been playing all day on here. Thanks SO much!

  3. Dave

    I really like your practice tracks, I'm a banjo player.

    I see you are a Hank Williams fan, do you have a track for I Saw The Light?

    You are a PA man, I was born near State College.


  4. Great, thanks.

    There is a nice cross picking study of this piece here..

  5. Love this page Dave, How long have you been playing for?

  6. Dave,
    Learning mandolin and this is a treasure. Thank You!