Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angelina Baker practice tracks

By special request from an anonymous visitor, here are the rhythm tracks for Angelina Baker. This tune is somewhat unusual in that it only has 2 chords. It is more unusual because those chords are the 1 and the 4--most 2 chord songs use the 1 and the 5.

This song, using only the 1 and the 4 chords, should have an exceptionally low amount of musical tension. And that bit of theory lines up with what I hear--Angelina Baker is a very pacific, mellow tune.

Here are some youtubes of the tune:


  1. Thanks again! Great job as usual.

  2. Dave,

    Thanks, these are all extremely helpful! Let us know if you ever need donations to help with storage costs if your library here gets to large!

    One request for the future to help the beginners. A super simple chord list for the versions you are playing would be helpful. Something as basic like

    A: D D D G D D D|G D x2
    B: D D D G D D D|G D x2

    Seems silly for Angeline, but would be helpful for other songs.

    Anyway, great stuff and thanks a again.

  3. Good idea. I'll start doing that.

  4. In the John Goad post, he is playing in a guitar tuning commonly referred to as DADGAG.

  5. Thanks for your valuable time in creating these mp3's.

  6. Dear Dave,

    Thank you for all the great resources you so kindly share!

    Regards, Yves

  7. These are great!! Maybe consider Cripple Greek as an addition.