Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beaumont Rag (key of C)

Named after the town of Beaumont, Texas, and popularized by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys--Beaumont Rag is an immensely popular fiddle tune.  I mean, immensely popular among fiddle tune players.  I doubt most regular folks would recognize it.  But I hear it a lot at jams and contests and on records.

Originally recorded in the key of F, many guitar players like to play it in the key of C (or D with a capo on the 2nd fret).  I've recorded these tracks in C.  I may record it in D and/or F later.

The chords for Beaumont Rag (in C):

A part:
| G | G | C | C | G | G | C | C |
| G | G | C | C7 | F F#° | C A7 | D G | C |

B part (identical, except for the stop):
| G | G | C | C | G | G | C (stop)| |
| G | G | C | C7 | F F#° | C A7 | D G | C |

You'll notice that the ending phrase is quite busy from a rhythm perspective--F F#dim C A7 D G C.  It can be simplified by leaving out the F#dim (like this F F C A7 D G C), or simplified even further by leaving out all the swing-style substitutions (like this F F C C G G C).

Some Youtubes of it:


  1. Thank you. This is most helpful. Much better than Band in a Box.

  2. These practice tracks are amazing and have really helped my playing.
    Don't suppose you can direct me to a recording that relates to your pdf of Beaumont Rag?
    Stevie UK.

    1. Stevie, here's a recording of that arrangement:


  3. absolutely loving this website. much more fun to play to a backing track that to a metronome. keep up the good work...and thank you!
    tune request: lonesome fiddle blues

  4. Fantastic, Dave. Continue to love your site. What program did you use to create tab for Beaumont Rag? Keep 'em coming.