Saturday, January 8, 2011

Salt Creek Rhythm Tracks

First tracks of 2011--Salt Creek. What a fun tune.

To me, the authoritative recorded version (on guitar) has to be the Tony/Norman/Doc version from Blake & Rice 2. Also, here are some other Youtubes of it:


  1. Alright, Salt Creek! Thanks once again. Here's the link for a fantastic Salt Creek banjo duel between Ned Luberecki and Jeff Scroggins that I recorded last year in Durango, CO:

  2. Cool. Nice licks, and interesting differences in tone.

  3. nice. ill be getting some mileage out of this one.


  4. Awesome! Thanks Dave!
    I've been working on the solo here..'s a kind of simplified version of what Doc Watson in the video with Steve Kaufman.

  5. Many thanks Dave for all these rhythm tracks !!!!! Now, I can practice more efficiently …. but i'm sure I will never reach velocity of dear Doc Watson !!!! (I met him in Paris in 1976)
    Patrick from France

  6. Thanks for all the great tracks! I use it for flatpicking and mando practice almost daily. A real find. Appreciate the hard work you have put in. Kevin in AZ.