Monday, April 4, 2011

Fisher's Hornpipe

Here's a favorite of mine, which was specifically requested by a reader. I'm playing it in D, though some play it in F.

Fisher's Hornpipe 150 bpm

The chords for this one:
A part:
|D G|D G|D G| A |
|D G|D G|D A| D |
B part:
| A | D | A |E A|
| G | D | A | D |

Some folks throw an E in the 4th measure of the A part (playing |E A| instead of just | A |).

Here are some youtubes of it:

And, lastly, some tabs:
Mando and Guitar at Mandozine (requires the free Tabledit viewer program)
Brad Davis arrangements for guitar here and here (pdf)
Melodic Keith-style banjo arrangement from Banjo Hangout (requires Tabledit viewer)
Clawhammer banjo arrangement from Banjo Hangout (gif)
Sheet music from for you fiddlers (click on the "sheet music" tab)


  1. Wow, up at 4 AM posting! Great tune, excellent job, thanks yet again.

  2. Thanks. It was my one night off between a string of 12 hr night shifts.

  3. Great stuff! Thank you again.

    Any chance you might have interest in doing Temperance Reel at some point?

  4. Temperance Reel, great tune. I'm planning on recording that one--it will be after John Hardy and Huckleberry Hornpipe.

  5. I hope you go alphabetically. I'd like to see HH before John Hardy...

  6. All of them sound great. Looking forward to the next.

  7. Wow, Dave! This blog is impressive, to say the least. I'm going to be making very good use of it and start working on my flatpicking again. I think this will be just the thing I need to get me over my dry spell

  8. Thanks so much for this one Dave! One of my faves as well...have you ever played it with or heard the "C part" for this tune?

  9. I think I remember seeing an arrangement by Mike Whitehead that had a C part, but I sure can,t remember it now. Can you recommend a good recording that has a C part?

  10. Dave, like you I remember seeing it tabbed out by someone but could not recall...there is a guy on YouTube that does a fine job playing the elusive
    "C part" on the is a link

  11. This is a great resource and is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. If I could make a request. Temperance Reel and Lonesome Fiddle Blues would be nice adds.

  12. This is cool. I'm learning Fisher's Hornpipe now, and I really enjoy your site!

  13. Huge thanks for this and all of your rhythm tracks. It's proving so useful for my mandolin practice!

  14. The guitar playing on these tracks is so sweet and clean with a real cool swing - thanks a million from Scotland. Mandolin heaven.

  15. I have to say the same thing, I started to play the mandolin about one year ago, and I really can say thank you : without those tracks I probably wouldn't have been playing now.
    So thank you Dave, from deep south .. of France :)

  16. Dave. Excellent! This is absolutely one of the best if not the best site's I've seen to help practice and foster Bluegrass Guitar. Thanks for all your hard work. I was picking to Cherokee Shuffle the other day in my office, and my wife who never comes in, came in and said "that sounds really good".. so cudos!

    Another request from the Peanut Gallery.. how 'bout "East Tennessee Blues"?


    Colfax, CA

    1. Thanks, Russ. East Tennessee Blues is a great request, hopefully I can do that soon. I've been working on a tab and instructional video for the YouTube arrangement I did of What a Friend We Have in Jesus that's been requested by several folks. Maybe after I finish that one, I can work on East Tennessee Blues.

  17. Just to let you know. The dropbox links seem to have dissappeared for this one.