Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soldier's Joy

I've been working on Soldier's Joy lately. Folks at church asked for a mini-concert during an upcoming service (of bluegrass gospel songs). We're planning to play this after the end of the service as everyone walks out. I'm pretty sure no one will recognize it--it's one of the instrumentals that the mando player is most comfortable with.

So, I whupped up some rhythm tracks.



  1. Hey Dave -
    Love the site. I posted on Whiskey, but I'm not sure it made it. Basically, I said I saw that "Betsy" requested some slower tempos for Red Haired Boy. How about some 150's for Soldier's Joy, and Whiskey? Heck, how about some 150's across the board?

  2. Greg,

    Thanks! I will add slower tempos for all the tunes eventually. I'm sidetracked at the moment due to preparation for an upcoming flatpick contest, but will be back to biz as usual toward the end of September. Check back often!

  3. use a slow downer and you can play it at any speed you want. Dave has done an amazing job so far and put a lot of time into, I wouldn't feel right about pestering him more about something that you could do yourself with little effort.

    1. You can download Transcribe for a free 30 day trial!! The program works great. Dave thank for all the hard work.

      Robby McClung

  4. What a fine site. I was looking for some help with Beaumont Rag, and your stuff was just the ticket to make it all work for me.

    Funny, though, in Texas all the fiddlers want to play this tunes in F.

    I am gonna sign up with you.