Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Sciota rhythm tracks

Got the Big Sciota rhythm tracks done.

Big Sciota 180 bpm

I've also been thinking and making some notes about where I'm at & where I want to go. Thinking about the things it takes to win at flatpick contests, and the barriers that stand in the way of those things.

Edit 5/22/11--

The Chords:
A Part:
| G D | G   | G D | G   | G   | C  | D  | G  | (x2)
B Part
| G | D | D | C | C | Em | D | G | (x2)



Roy Curry

A sweet banjo arrangement by Luis Gomez

Further edit (6/26/11):

A tab, graciously transcribed by Alois Kleewein for an unknown benefactor, of the Youtube version I did above:  Big Sciota Tab


  1. These are awesome Dave. Thanks for sharing them!
    So far you've picked three of my favorite tunes too!


  2. oops! Sorry! Should have said FOUR of my favs. They'ree all winners and nicely done.


  3. Really dig your website Dave. Keep the content coming, no matter what kind. There are a lot of pickers (including myself) who are somewhere on the road to flatpicking competency. You make that road more awesome.

  4. Hello Dave,

    Sorry if my english is not correct, but I'm writing from France. Your website is a kind of gold mine for me, and I'm so happy to have found it. So please, keep on, and many thanks to share.

    Olivier - Paris France

  5. Thanks, Olivier. I'll keep doing this, and I'm always glad to hear that I'm not the only one benefiting.

  6. John from Northern NJJanuary 3, 2014 at 7:07 PM

    Thanks for posting these tracks Dave. Very helpful as I'm learning to solo on mandolin.

  7. right now I'm in Surakarta, Java so as you might imagine....not a lot of bluegrass players around :) it helps me so much to have these backing tracks when I'm practicing. really motivating and keeps me playing!

  8. Glad to hear it. It helps me keep playing, too. I hope all is going well in Java.

  9. This site is AMAZING--Thanks!

  10. I can hear your baby on the 220 BPM track! That was a total head trip. It's late at night now and my wife is breast feeding our four month old upstairs. Normally I cannot hear them from my practice room. When I heard your baby make noise I just got totally bugged out thinking I was somehow hearing mine!

  11. Hey - what's the Left Hand Stretch exercise? It's missing. Also, do you have other exercises? Like for building speed? Do you have licks, etc. Some of those might be cool too. OK if you don't the site is great. Thanks