Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dixie Hoedown Rhythm Tracks

By request, and also because I like this song, here are the rhythm tracks for Dixie Hoedown:

Here are some youtubes of the song:


  1. If you are up for requests...

    Angeline the Baker
    Fishers Hornpipe

    Many thanks! And I have to say I've been using your backup tracks for a few weeks now and I have to say they have greatly improved my playing. Thanks again.

  2. I certainly am open for requests. I'm working on Red Haired Boy right now. After that will be Angeline the Baker and Fisher's Hornpipe. Stay tuned...

  3. Ooh, forgot about that one! That'll come before Angeline the Baker.

  4. Let me must add my kudos. I was looking for this exact thing my first four years of flatpicking and couldn't find it. This is terrific!

  5. Oh, sorry i didn't see that you had already gotten that request for fisher's ... :0 but cool anyhow!

    nine pound hammer?

  6. Hi Dave...

    Fantastic website... Awesome practice tracks... Thanks for doing these.

    I have a couple of requests if you have time.
    Black Mtn Rag in the key of A
    Tennesee Waltz in the Key of D
    Clinch Mtn Backstep in the Key of G or A

  7. These are just great! These tracks have helped me out tremendously. You're fun to pick with, Dave! haha

  8. Thank you for taking the time to do this...excellent practice tool.

  9. The MP3 files for these rhythm tracks no longer work.