Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Cuckoo's Nest

I'm doing this one in D, since that's how I first learned it and how I most often hear it in jams. I understand it's also played in G or in E minor in some circles.

I'm working on a twin guitar arrangement that I used to play with my friend Kevin back in Oklahoma. I believe he got it from Doc & Merle--I've challenged myself to figure it out rather than try to look it up, so it'll probably come out a bit different.

Here's the guitar tab and the twin part. It's a capo 2 arrangement.

Here's the mandolin tab.

Here's how the guitar, twin, and mandolin tabs sound together:

Chords (no capo):
no capo
A part  |: D | A | C | G | D | D G | D A | D :|
B part  |: D | D | C | C | D | D G | D A | D :|

Here are the rhythm tracks:
Cuckoo's Nest 150 bpm
Cuckoo's Nest 170 bpm
Cuckoo's Nest 195 bpm
And a zip file of all tempos (48 MB)

The performance of this tune that always comes to mind for me is the one Nickel Creek did on their first album--just such a great job.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Nine Pound Hammer

I recorded these rhythm tracks in the key of G, which seems like the most common key for this song. But, it's a vocal tune, so it gets moved around to whatever key suits the voice.

I structured these rhythm tracks like this: Intro, then 5 verses with a break between each verse.

Here's a demonstration with vocals and breaks in it: Nine Pound Hammer Demo

Nine Pound Hammer 120 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 130 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 140 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 150 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 160 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 170 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 180 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 190 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 200 bpm
Nine Pound Hammer 210 bpm

And a zip file of all tempos (38.7 MB)

| G | G | C | C | G | D | G | G |
| G | G | C | C | G | D | G | G |

Pretty simple.

Here are some youtubes of it:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blog should be up to date now

Hi, faithful pickers.

I've finally finished fixing the broken links on this blog. There are probably still a few that I missed--let me know in the comments if you find some. I appreciate your long years of patience. A lot of life happened during that time.

I'm planning to play more music and do more with this blog and my youtube channel this year. My hope is to add some new tunes, and go back and add some slower tempoes for the older tunes, with a goal of doing at least one of each of those each month. I've been learning the fiddle with one of my daughters, and it's helped me better understand that even 150 bpm is a pretty excessively brisk practice tempo if you're new to an instrument.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 5, 2017

The list so far of updated rhythm track links:

angelina baker
arkansas traveler
beaumont rag
big mon
big sandy river
big sciota
bill cheatham
billy in the low ground
black mountain rag
blackberry blossom
bury me beneath the willow
cherokee shuffle
daley's reel
dixie hoedown
fisher's hornpipe
foggy mountain breakdown
forked deer
fox on the run
gold rush
gray eagle
home sweet home huckleberry hornpipe jerusalem ridge john hardy june apple
old joe clark
old spinning wheel
red haired boy
salt creek
soldier's joy
st anne's reel
temperance reel
whiskey before breakfast
who will sing for me
wildwood flower

Thanks again for your patience. I'm still chipping away at it.  -Dave