Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Sciota tab

It's been a busy month or so; I'm working on backing tracks for Huckleberry Hornpipe, but have plenty left to do before they're ready.  For the guitaristically inclined among you, here's something that caught me by surprise:

Alois Kleewein, a custom transcription writer who I know of from the Flatpick-L mailing list, contacted me a while ago.  Someone (I don't know who) asked him to transcribe the arrangement of Big Sciota that I had put on Youtube (video here:, and he was checking with me to make sure I was okay with it.  I was certainly okay with it, and flattered that someone was willing to pay to learn my arrangement.

Later, Alois sent me a copy of the completed transcription, as I had offered to check it for accuracy.  It was amazingly accurate.  I found only 2 incorrect notes out of the entire 2:40 song, and the notes that he missed would have sounded just as good anyway.  I asked his permission to post it on this blog, and he contacted his customer to see if that was okay, and it was.

So, here it is: Big Sciota 

If you have a song you can't find tab for anywhere, you should hire Alois.  He is extremely good!  Here is his website:

Thanks a zillion, Alois, and mysterious customer.


  1. Looks like this tab isn't accessible via the link anymore. Too bad – beautiful arrangement of Big Sciota!