Monday, July 18, 2011

Heads Up

Fellow apprentices,

I'll be derailing the train for a brief period.  There is a queue of requests right now that goes like this: Temperance Reel, Old Joe Clark, Wildwood Flower, 8th of January, Nine Pound Hammer, Old Dangerfield.

Before I start Temperance Reel, I'll be recording some tracks for Liberty and Old Spinning Wheel to help me get ready for the contest at Winfield (in September).  Additionally, there are a couple of vocal tunes I'm going to record rhythm tracks for, and then I'll continue with the requests starting with Temperance Reel.

Call for quality:  If there are problems with tracks I've done to date, let me know in the comments.  I've noticed some, and I'm sure you've noticed others.  Thanks!



  1. Thanks for all the great tunes Dave. Looking forward to Liberty as I'm building my speed on that. It's one of my all time favorite tunes. Good luck in Winfield too!

    Max in AZ

  2. Hella yea for Temperance reel!!!

    You do god's work my friend. Much Respect!
    Can you start the bpm at around 150 or 160 bpm?

  3. (Chanting) TEMPERANCE REEL! X)

    Good luck with your contest this month bro. All these tracks have been a real blessing. Can't thank you enough.

  4. Hey Dave,

    Thanks so much for creating this site. I'm a recent arrival to bluegrass and am finding your rhythm tracks a fantastic support in beginning to find my way around. I spend at least an hour here almost every day!

    I find the tune of Temperance Reel to be incredibly haunting and am looking forward to its addition to the site. Old Joe Clark seems to come up at almost every jam I go to, so that will be a welcome addition as well.

    Thanks again!
    Rich in Denver