Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Drowsy Maggie

This is an Irish tune in D (or E dorian?) I've been working on, and I've found it pretty hard.  Lots of string jumping. Unlike most reels I'be played, the structure is AB (repeat), rather than AABB (repeat). There seems to be quite a bit of variation in how this tune is played; I went with what seems like the most standard version.

Drowsy Maggie 150 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 160 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 170 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 180 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 185 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 190 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 195 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 200 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 205 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 210 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 215 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 220 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 225 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 230 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 235 bpm
Drowsy Maggie 240 bpm
And a zip file of all tempos (24.7 MB)

The chords:
| Em | Em D | Em | G D | Em | Em D | Em | G D |
| D A | D | D A | G D | D A | D | D | G D |

Guitar tab

Mandolin Tab

Versions from thesession.org



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  2. Thanks for the tracks for Drowsy Maggie. I hope your prep for contests are going well, good luck. Lance.

  3. Wow Dave, thanks for this.....I've been playing this for years......this'll help me to hone it even more! PS: Glad to hear from you.......always get a bit concerned when we don't. Hope all is well with you.

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  5. Hey. Just checking to see what program you use to create the backing tracks?

  6. Darren,

    I record to a Zoom R16, then normalize, trim, and encode to MP3 with Audacity.


  7. Hey Dave

    It seems your Dropbox isn't working? None of the files are showing up when you click the link....

    1. Eric,

      It looks like Dropbox has changed some aspects of file sharing. I'll have to go through and update links manually, it might take a while. Sorry for the inconvenience!


    2. Dave, thanks for the work on this and keeping it updated. I'll look forward to playing with your tracks again soon!

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  9. Works for me. Thanks for sharing this. I am anxious for the rest of the songs to be available because I use them to practice often.

  10. Works fo me! I went to practice Bill Cheatham on my fiddle at speed for a gig and was surprised when the files were not found. Thanks for recording and making these available.