Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wildwood Flower Video

Practice tracks for this one will be coming pretty soon (after Old Joe Clark, I think).  This is my first attempt at making a video with two instruments.  I still have some learning to do on that Sony Vegas program.


  1. That sounds excellent - nice tone and great arrangements.

  2. Dave what's new? what's next?

    Temperance Reel or Cattle in the Cane? :)

  3. I really like what you did up the neck on guitar with this tune. This is something I have trouble with. I would love it if you would tab out some up the neck ideas for different tunes. Maybe tab and matching video would be cool? This way we can hear and see it. My old teacher used to give me the basic melody the the whole way through and then he would send me off with a bunch of tabbed out ideas. I found this very helpful as i could piece ideas together. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. You have a great site here!

  4. Great picking and arrangement. I am curious as to your instruments - they sound great..what kind of guitar and mando are you playing?

  5. Hi, everybody. I'm now moved into my new house and have my studio set up. Sorry for the slow response to your questions!

    Next up is Old Joe Clark rhythm tracks, then Wildwood Flower rhythm tracks.

    Thanks for the nice comments, Adam. I could tab that stuff out, it might take me a little bit to get it done, though--my daughter will be starting kindergarten this week, and work is about to get very busy for a couple of weeks.

    The lead guitar is an Ibanez Artwood, the rhythm guitar is a Martin D28, the mandolin is an Eastman MD515.

  6. Dave, I just found your site a week ago and have spent much time here since. Thanks so much for this -- it really is an inspiration. You play well, your tabs are great. I'd love to hear you playing that arrangement of Red Haired Boy you tabbed out.

    This recording sounds great. Love your guitar and mandolin tone and playing.

  7. Glad to see you back Dave! I'd been away myself with family commitments etc. Looking forward to the new stuff!

    Max in AZ

  8. Thanks, Max!

    Steve, there is a recording of the Red Haired Boy arrangement in an earlier blog post:

    I need to get back to work on that song so I can do some contests next year. This year has been super busy.