Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Slump...

Hi, faithful readers.  Sorry I haven't had much to say lately--I got into a musical slump for a while there.  Worked a bunch of overtime and got worn out, then went on vacation out of town, and just got out of the musical habit for a bit.

I was revitalized by a recent workshop with David Grier.  It was great to see him play, and I had an unexpected opportunity to have a private lesson with him after the workshop, which was cool.  I appreciate his time when he surely must have been worn out with travel and teaching a workshop.

Here's a tune we picked together:  Home Sweet Home

He takes the first break, then we alternate.  He's the guy with the great ideas and great tone and loud guitar.  I'm the other one...

I'm trying out the David Grier style free-floating right hand for a while.  I'll see how it goes.  I like the idea of not having to change my hand position at all between strumming and picking.

I'm getting back to work on rhythm tracks.  Next up is Fox on the Run, then Temperance Reel.



  1. That's not a slump, it's a well earned break! Looking forward to both Fox on the Run and Temperance, and in the meantime I am getting caught up on some of the other tunes I am less familiar with.

    Thank you again. Without a doubt my playing is better because of your rhythm tracks.

  2. It's all good Dave....all of us need the occasional break. Temperance reel is a goody, I've got that on my radar as well. Right now using your "Forked Deer" track to get up to some sort of (intermediate) speed level.

    In a month I'll be heading down to Phoenix and a 2-day flatpicking workshop with Steve Kaufman, so that should light up the fire for practicing even more. Am still hoping to get to his Kamp in June too!


  3. Whoa...I just listened to that Home Sweet Home track you did with David Grier. Awesome picking by both of you!! You're right, he does have a LOUD guitar there.


  4. Home Sweet Home sounds great, nice pickin. There's a guy on the Banjo Hangout that has posted a ton of backing tracks. His name is Mark Beck. They aren't the same quality level and variety of tempos as the ones posted here, but they are a good resource all the same. Here's the link:

  5. Thanks 'a million Dave, be blessed in all you are.

  6. looking forward to old joe clark-hope all is well. been in a musical slump myself-it will pass.

  7. Wow...What a wealth of tasteful material. I've whiled away a few hours here! And the backing tracks - must've taken you a ton of time - thanks a ton right back...I've got to contact you via your YouTube channel cause I've used a few of your tracks to back me up, and need to ask you a few things, and don't want to post my email on a public spot.

  8. Oh, OK I added my email to your list. Please contact me at your convenience.

    I took the liberty of using your backing tracks on three YouTube videos, and would like to use a few more in the future. If you have any objections, I will of course delete them. I guess you can find them doing a search on YouTube. I am Louis Ruoti.

    I'm also wondering if you mind more traffic driven to your site. I belong to an organization (Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society) and would like to post your site on their Facebook page. Lot's of our flatpickers would probably love your backing tracks.

    Wait there's more lol. You also play swing right? If you're interested I'd like to collaborate on a few swing numbers to publish on YouTube.

    Last and least, I'm going to be developing - a small personal site, and would like to exchange links with you, if you are so inclined.

    Sorry for being so long-winded here, I'm just excited about getting back to playing again. I had to stop for 9 months because of arthritis, and an just getting back to being able to play well enough to satisfy myself. I'll never get back to 100% but I'll kill myself trying lol.

    Thanks for taking the time for this Dave, and no pressure on any of it...Whatever works for you.


    1. Louis,

      Thanks for the kind words. I saw your Youtube videos, very nice. Something about your phrasing reminds me of swing guitar. I'd be thrilled to collaborate on a swing tune, though I don't pick swing tunes very often. Let me know when you get your site up and running. I'll be happy to post links. Dave