Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If I Were King

Recorded this today


  1. Very nice! Love the smooth mandolin solo, vocals are great and everything sounds CLEAN & CLEAR.
    As always great job Dave.

    What are you recording with bro? (mic, preamp and software??) Unless you don't want to give you secret for success out. I'd understand. :)
    But as always you're stuff sounds great!

  2. Thanks, Jeremy!

    I'm recording with a Zoom R16 (

    I use an AT3035 mic (, no longer in production.

    Once I have everything recorded, I do noise removal with Audacity (if necessary) and mixing/tweaking with Reaper. I can't recommend Reaper enough. It's the best DAW software I've used. It's also the least expensive I've used. Great, great program.

  3. Thanks Dave, I also use the AT3035 and I'll definitely checkout Reaper.

    Thanks for all your hard work man and I can't wait for the next set of tunes.
    I think I check this site about everyday. lol

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  5. That sounds really good Dave, wow I had no idea you could record that cleanly with home equipment and computer software! And LOL @ Jeremy...I'm almost as bad. I don't check in every day, but often enough.