Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Spinning Wheel video

Here's the link


  1. so smooth. when you making your cd?

  2. CD? That sounds like a lot of work...

    Also, I don't know if I have a lot to offer in a straight-up instrumental flatpicking album. It's already been done so well by so many.

    Perhaps a mixture of bluegrass & flatpick instrumentals & other songs--like a Norman Blake type of album. I'll think about it...

  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the music, this stuff is great! I was wondering what software you use to do your video recording with multiple audio tracks? I have been trying to use GarageBand along with iMovie to insert backing tracks and playing over them but my results haven't been nearly as nice as what you are doing! I've been having trouble easily syncing the backing track with the video...Anyhow, any help or advice would be appreciated.

  4. Aaron, I record the audio with a Zoom R16 (an inexpensive multitrack recorder that I use just because I find recording on computer to be a pain). Then I transfer the files to Reaper--an awesome and inexpensive DAW program which is also supported on Mac. I use Reaper to mix and render the audio.

    The video I capture with my iPhone while recordin the audio. I then move the video files to my PC an import them into Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I use Vegas to sync video tracks, process the video and apply any visual effects, and render to the final video file.

    I've found that keeping the audio and video processes separate like that and then combining them at the end gives a better result than trying to combine camcorder or webcam audio with a pre-recorded track.

  5. Really nice Dave! You know, the best part about your picking is that it inspires me to play even more. I've only been flatpicking for 7 months now (though I defected over from the dark side of the 5-string banjo), but by using your backing tracks and playing 3 hours per day, I'm seeing some good progress. Keep it up, Winfield in 2012 will be even better!!

    Max in Arizona

  6. Wow, thanks Max. That's about the nicest thing you could've said to me. That's exactly what I was hoping I'd be able to do with this blog--aid and inspire other musicians on the learning journey. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

  7. Thanks, that made my day.

  8. What a great video and a wonderful arrangement,as are all your WInfield contest arrangements. Not just blistering speed but some darn fine music.
    I hope you have more videos planned. Your arrangement of Liberty has me listening daily for my blue grass fix. The drop D tuning is perfect for this tune.
    Spinning Wheel is in the near future. For now it is something to aspire too.
    Very well done. Thanks for posting
    Mike in Cincinnati.

  9. Just ran across your site this evening as I was searching for rhythm tracks for fiddle tunes. As you'd expect there's a ton of stuff out there where by you have slug thru miles of advertisements and downloads to the point you don't what's getting into your computer...Then I came across your site. Your great site!!!

    "YOu can have anything you want in life you help other people get what the want." God bless you, DAve, for sharing your gift with others.

    My email is Would sure like to exchange a few other private thoughts with you.

    Nick Vlachos
    LaGrange, GA